New gaming accessories from Lenovo bring nice specs at a low price

Lenovo announced three new gaming accessories at CES 2020, the Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse, the Legion M300 RGB Gaming Mouse, and the Legion K300 RGB Gaming Keyboard. Lenovo markets these accessories as “elite,” but they come at a relatively affordable set of prices. All three accessories are set to come out in June.

The Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse has a 1000Hz polling rate for low latency and a DPI of 16,000. You can adjust the mouse’s DPI using an on-the-fly switch. Lenovo states that the mouse gets up to 200 hours of battery life off a full charge. You can also charge the device for five minutes to get 10 hours of battery life. It has a PixArt 3335 sensor that works on multiple surfaces. It supports 16 million RGB color options as well.

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The Legion M300 RGB Gaming Mouse has a DPI of 8,000 and a 1000Hz polling rate. It also features RGB LED backlighting, though it has one programmable zone compared to the Legion M600’s two programmable zones. The Legion M300 RGB Gaming Mouse also has a PixArt 3335 sensor.

Both of Lenovo’s gaming mice feature an ambidextrous design so they can easily work on either side of a gaming setup.

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