New Galaxy Buds update continues to improve Bluetooth connectivity

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Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy Buds. The package weighs only 1.38MB and it’s identified as software version R170XXU0ASJ2. This is a fairly minor update, but one that should be very welcomed thanks to its improvements to Bluetooth connectivity.The changelog mentions “Stabilized Bluetooth connection through added fixes” and, indeed, we can confirm that the connection is now more stable.Galaxy Buds Bluetooth connectivity continues to get betterThe Galaxy Buds experience has been improving at a steady pace ever since the wearable was introduced to the market earlier this year. Bluetooth connectivity has been one of the main areas of improvement, with connection dropouts becoming less frequent as time went on. The Buds have received at least a couple of Bluetooth-related updates so far.That’s not to say that the Galaxy Buds needed firmware updates to become good. They were already pretty solid, and about three months ago Consumer Reports praised the product with an “excellent” rating in the sound quality category.As usual, Galaxy Buds owners can grab the latest update by pairing the wearables to their smartphones. Users should then receive a notification about the update and download the firmware through the Galaxy Wearable app.

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