New Fitbit app can tell Versa 2 users how much they (or their partners) snore

Fitbit is offering users the chance to add snore tracking to their list of monitored activities, debuting a new beta app for Versa 2 owners.

In the ‘Snore Detect Beta’, which is available for a limited time to a small group of people through the Fitbit App Gallery, those who wear their smartwatch to bed will have the microphone listen out for snoring and deliver results the next morning.

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This will tell you the intensity and duration of your snores – or the person/pet you’re sharing a bed with – as well as feedback on the general sound level in your bedroom.

From what we can see so far, the feature will automatically begin when the Versa 2 detects the wearer is asleep, though manually starting snore detection is also available.


Fitbit, obviously, is no stranger to logging nighttime hours, but this would represent the first time it has used one of its trackers to detect snoring.

Partly, that’s due to the Versa 2 being the only Fitbit device actually capable of picking up noises during the night, since all others come without the built-in microphone.

And, if we put potential privacy concerns to one side, this is another neat addition from the company. It may not make it as a full feature, but it is another interesting step into sleep tracking – an area where Fitbit has excelled past competitors in recent years.

Add this to the fact that Fitbit is unlikely to reveal any ‘big’ new features – such as the long-awaited sleep apnea detection – until the Google takeover is complete, and we’ll take any new developments we can get right now.

As we say, though, you may have to act fast in order to take advantage of this one.

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