New Dark Matter gaming monitors deliver impressive specs at a low price

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Monoprice announced two new gaming monitors today; the Dark Matter 27″ 165Hz Monitor and the Dark Matter 24″ 144Hz Monitor. Both deliver impressive specs at a low price point compared to the best gaming monitors that they compete with. Both new Dark Matter gaming monitors are available starting today.

They each have IPS displays, which helps bring down their prices. The 24-inch model has a refresh rate of 144Hz while the larger 27-inch model has a refresh rate of 165Hz. Monoprice doesn’t give exact figures related to color accuracy, but states that the 24-inch monitor offers “near 100% sRGB.”

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The monitors share several specs, but there are some key differences. The 24-inch model has an HDMI 2.0 port but the 27-inch model has a higher refresh rate and is a bit brighter.

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