Netflix brings more controls for families, lets you add PIN to profiles

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With most families staying indoors during this stay-at-home phase to lessen COVID-19 infections, Netflix family accounts are getting a lot of traction. The streaming video giant is now adding a few more controls so parents can manage their children’s viewing habits and the content they consume. You will also now be able to add PINs to your profiles, which will benefit not just parents but also people who share accounts with roommates and friends who may sometimes open your profile to mess with your algorithm.

Netflix says the PIN will protect individual profiles so that kids won’t be able to get into their parents’ profiles and maybe watch something that isn’t meant for them. This also can be used by non-parents and is a good way to stop people from snooping or watching shows or movies that you normally wouldn’t. There are also now filters using country ratings so depending on your kid’s age, you’ll be able to block or give access to certain titles that fall under the ratings.

They’re taking it one step further by letting you filter specific series or films by title. For example, you want to never watch Boss Baby again because your kid has seen it one million times, you can now add a filter to it and it will never show up in their profile even if they know how to spell the film. Parents can also now turn off auto-play of the episodes in their kids’ profiles to stop them from bingeing all 5 seasons of Peppa Pig.

You can also now see what your kids have been watching in the profile you created for them. You can see and review all the settings for each of the profiles in the “Profile and Parental Controls hub within your account settings.

Netflix has already rolled out these “new, improved controls” so all you have to do is open your account settings on your mobile device or laptop and start adding these new filters, PINs, etc. Parents are the ones that will most benefit from this as they try to monitor what their kids are watching on the service.

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