Netflix adding a “screen lock” button for Android devices

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This has happened to you at one point in time. You’re lying on your bed, watching a really engrossing episode of that new series you’re bingeing when you accidentally tap or swipe on your screen and you lose your place and interrupt your momentum. If you’re watching on your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll be glad to know that those days will soon be over, hopefully. The Netflix for Android app will now have a “Screen Lock” button to prevent that situation and you can watch to your heart’s content.

9 to 5 Google says the new Screen Lock button has been rolling out to Netflix for Android for the past few days already. But if you haven’t seen it yet, its basic purpose is as its name says: it’s to lock your screen while you’re watching to avoid accidental touches. You will see it on your on-screen controls alongside episodes, audio & subtitles, etc. You’ll see it once you start streaming a video on the app.

When you tap Screen Lock, the entire Netflix UI will disappear and you’ll just be left with your video. Even the play/pause button and timeline scrubber will not be seen. You’ll only see the Screen Lock icon. When you need the other icons back, you’ll have to press the icon twice and everything will be back to normal. This is probably the easiest way to watch without interruptions from your own fingers.

Aside from you accidentally touching your screen, this feature will also be useful if it’s your kid that’s using your phone or tablet, particularly those that cannot read yet. Make sure you also mute your notifications as that’s something that may also interrupt and cause you or your kids to swipe up or swipe through the notification. Now if only we can get rid of those “are you still watching” notifications.

Update your Netflix for Android app to the latest version to see your “Screen Lock” option, although it seems to be a server-side change. If it’s not there yet, just be careful when watching for now.

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