Nest to require non-Google users to enable two-factor authentication

In order to make your Nest devices more secure, Google will be requiring users who do not have a Google account to enable two-factor authentication with their accounts. This way, whenever you log in, you’ll receive an email with a verification code before you can actually log in and use your Google Nest devices. 2FA has been used as an extra layer of protection for accounts and devices and if you’re not using a Google account with your Nest, then this is the next best form of authentication.

If you have not yet enabled 2FA on your Nest devices or you have not yet migrated to a Google account, you will be required to enable it and you will need to verify your identity to your connected email. Once you try to log in to your Nest account, you’ll receive a six-digit verification code which you need to enter to complete the login process. If you don’t use that code, you will not be able to log in because the system will assume it’s not actually you trying to access your account.

If you’re already using a Google account as your Nest log in, Google has its own form of 2FA so you won’t be required to enable it. The upcoming new rule is only applicable to those who have not yet migrated to Google. Last December, they actually rolled out an update that will notify you through email every time someone logs in to your account. 2FA is just another extra layer of protection from those who might be logging in without your knowledge.

Google also suggested some best practices for your Google Nest devices’ security. First, of course, is to migrate to a Google account and then enable 2FA “whenever possible”. You can also create a Family account so you don’t need to share your personal credentials with a lot of people. For passwords, it’s suggested you use unique ones and that you change them occasionally. You can also use a password manager and if you want, use the built-in one in the Chrome browser.

There’s no specific date yet when Google will start requiring the Nest users to enable 2FA. They said it’s spring so that can be anytime over the next few months.

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