Nest Secure no longer sold, discontinued as per Google

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Google Nest Secure Discontinued

We haven’t heard anything new about the Nest Secure except when we learned that Nest installations could be scheduled and paid for on Google Store. In recent years, it received Google Assistant support. If you have been wondering what new the tech giant has in store for the Nest device, sorry, but Google has decided to discontinue the product. The security system that came with motion sensors and a keypad back in 2017 will soon be obsolete. If you have one, keep it because you won’t find it anywhere else soon.

The security device didn’t actually receive a product upgrade. No new Nest Secure model was launched, unlike other Nest devices. It will still work though but we don’t know until when Google will support the product.

If you check the Google Store and search for the Nest Secure, you will see a ‘No longer available’ note. Google already made confirmation with our source. You can’t buy a new Nest Guard or Nest Secure but your old one will still work.

If you’re still interested in the Nest product line, there are still other devices available. Check out the new Nest Thermostat with energy savings, Nest Hub Max, Nest Wifi system, and the newly announced Nest Audio among others.

The Nest Audio is an improved Google Home. Do check out the revamped interface of the Google Nest Hub Max. You can also check the improved multi-room control for supported Nest and Google Home devices.

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