Nest Hub Max will finally come out September 9

It seems that seeming mistake on the Google Support webpage was actually true. The Nest Hub Max will finally come out on September 9, four months after it was first officially announced and two months after that date was “leaked” on an official channel. However, what we don’t know yet is if that date is when the pre-orders start or when the device actually hits the market. In any case, those who have been waiting for the device will finally get it really soon.

If you need a refresher on this device since it’s been months, the Nest Hub Max is a smart display with a 10-inch screen and a built-in camera. It has Ambient EQ which blends images in with the environment where the device is located. You can send video messages, make video calls, get a live album display, serve as a “live video feed” when you’re away from your house or office. Basically, you get all the powers of Google Assistant and some of the powers of the Nest security home features.

The Nest Hub Max was officially announced last May but there was no release date yet. Then last July, a Google product page showed that it would “available September 9, 2019, in Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States (except Puerto Rico). It was immediately taken down and replaced with “coming soon” and up until a few hours ago, that’s what it still said in the Google Store.

But it seems that was the actual, real date as you can now see an “Available September 9” on the main Google Store product page. However, it’s not really clear if that date is for pre-orders only or the device will officially go on sale on Monday and those who pre-ordered start getting theirs first. Right now, you can just click on a “Join a waitlist” if you want to know when the smart display will be really available.

In any case, you should start preparing $229 if you really want to get the Nest Hub Max. You can choose from Charcoal or Chalk in terms of design. The smart display comes with stereo speakers, a 3-inch woofer, built-in smart home controls and a Nest Cam which lets you keep an eye on things as mentioned above.

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