Nest Aware subscribers can get a free Nest Hub from Google

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We’ve been hearing information that Google’s Nest may offer more apart from the new subscription. It’s about time the plans are changed. Subscription pricing and new features have been published before that Advanced Protection Program. There is no formal announcement yet but a redditor claimed he received an email from the tech giant. The message said a free Nest Hub is available. A code for a free device was given and may be claimed until July 31, 2020. Those who purchased a new Nest Aware plan appeared to be the recipients of the message.

The email is real as other subscribers on Reddit also shared the same thing. However, some said their code doesn’t work. A free Nest Hub is attractive as more people are wanting to buy more smart home devices as they continue to stay at home. You can only get the Charcoal version.

Another thread on Reddit is up, confirming a free Hub code worked for a user. If you receive a similar email, click on the ‘Redeem Now’ button right away.

A Charcoal colored hub is added automatically to a shopping cart. As per the redditor, his order went through and @spartacustheoneder is only waiting for the device to be delivered.

Nest Aware, if you’re not aware, is a new subscription service that works as an affordable companion to all of your Google Nest devices at home. It can be accessed remotely so you can manage your smart home devices from anywhere. It works in 19 markets including Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, US, UK, and Spain among others.

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