Need a new PSU for your PC? These are the best available options.

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power supplies (PSU) for your PC
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In order to make the most of your PC components, you’re going to need a power supply (PSU). This is the most important component of your PC build since it’s what is responsible for providing power to the entire system. It’s important to choose a PSU from a reputable brand with enough capacity to support your PC. Here’s a collection of our favorite recommendations.

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Best overall:
EVGA SuperNOVA P2 650W

Staff pick

This 650W SuperNOVA P2 from EVGA is fully modular, enabling you to route only cables that you need for components. It also has an Eco Mode and sports the Platinum rating badge, powering even enthusiast rigs. EVGA backs this PSU up with a full 10-year warranty too. It’s all you need for a PC build with the latest AMD or NVIDIA GPU.

Seasonic Focus

Seasonic Focus 550W

Seasonic is a well-known brand in the PSU industry. Not only does the company sell its own units, but other manufacturers use its platforms for competing PSUs. The Focus series is Seasonic’s mid-range line of power plants and this 550W unit is more than enough for most PCs. It’s semi-modular, is rated at 80 Plus Gold, and delivers stable power to all your components.

Corsair CX Series CX 450W

Best value:
Corsair CX Series CX 450W

Corsair’s more affordable 450W power supply leaves out the more fancy features like modular cabling to bring the price down to an absolute minimum. Sure, it’s cheaper than other PSUs on the market and the efficiency rating isn’t the best, but it’s a safe bargain for ATX PCs on a tight budget. The CX450 proves you don’t need to spend the big bucks for a decent PSU.

$65 at Newegg

be quiet! Dark Power 12

Best enthusiast:
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1000W

We only really recommend between 500W and 850W for a single GPU gaming PC, but if you want to do some serious overclocking, plan on adding a second GPU, or have a ton of accessories to run inside your rig, it may be a good idea to get a PSU like the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12. It’s seriously expensive, incredibly efficient, well built, and delivers a punch in power. It’s also protected by a 10-year warranty.


Best smart:

NZXT E-series PSUs leverage Seasonic internals alongside NZXT’s CAM monitoring software. They keep the power flowing with high-quality hardware and are backed by a 10-year warranty. NZXT and Seasonic assemble a powerful duo for ATX-compatible PC power. Overlooking its sometimes-loud fan, this 850W PSU is great for both everyday and enthusiast setups.

$165 at NZXT

Choosing the best PSU

It’s difficult to choose a good PSU for your build as there are many out there from reputable companies. PCs only really need around 500W with a single dedicated GPU, and a 1000W PSU from an unknown brand will likely not be as good as an 850W option from the likes of Corsair. That all said, EVGA’s SuperNOVA P2 650W solution is an excellent all-rounder.

One thing we strongly recommend avoiding is saving too much money. It’s best to spend a little more on this component to get a unit that sports necessary protective features, as well as great reliability and support from the manufacturer. Just remember one thing when shopping: wattage isn’t everything. Don’t go for the highest number you see.

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