Need 4TB of external storage? Want to save big? Check out this deal.

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As files, apps, and photos continue to grow in size, it seems like it’s impossible to keep up with storage demands. Internal drives are one thing, but what about keeping it portable so that you can take your data with you without having to rely on the cloud? Seagate’s One Touch external hard drive is a top option that has proven itself in terms of durability and portability. A whopping 4TB of storage in one compact drive is currently $40 off the regular price for Black Friday, bringing the total down to $90.

The best external hard drives are always dropping in price, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of big sales like this one. With 4TB of storage space inside, you should be set up for awhile even if you’re working with large files and photos. And if you are working with photos, that four-month Adobe photography plan subscription is no doubt going to come in handy. The one-year subscription to MylioCreate will also help you organize up to 50,000 photos.

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The drive is physically small enough to fit in just about any backpack or laptop bag, and the brushed steel exterior is durable and gives it a bit of style. It works with Windows and Mac devices, connecting via a USB-A 3.0 cable. The “One Touch” part of the drive refers to how easy backups are with the drive. Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups for your PC’s data and let the drive do its thing.

It comes with a two-year warranty to back up your purchase, and it also includes two years of Rescue Data Recovery Services if the drive happens to fail. At $40 off for Black Friday, this is the cheapest price we’ve seen for this drive so far. If you need a ton of storage space that can fit in your bag, don’t sleep on this deal. There are also a lot of other deals on storage this Black Friday.

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