NaVi pulls Rainbow Six Siege win at Pro League Season 10 Finals

Natus Vincere has topped the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10 Finals, wrapping Ubisoft’s latest clash in Tokoname, Japan. The closing championship of 2019 saw its latest UK-dominated roster climb the bracket across a two-day event, securing a final 2-0 win against DarkZero Esports.

The Season 10 Finals saw Na’Vi enter the Pro League finals tackling both Wildcard and Reciprocity 2-1, facing DarkZero after its equally robust set of victories. Na’Vi rounded the finals with a 2-0 victory against the U.S. squad, securing a 7-4 win on Consulate, followed by 7-3 on Coastline.

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Natus Vincere climbed the Pro League scene this year with the acquisition of the MnM Gaming roster, bringing neLo, CTZN, Kendrew, Saves, and newly-subbed Pie into the Season 10 Finals. The roster change follows a six-month ban issued by Ubisoft and ESL to Jack “Doki” Robertson, currently sidelined in response to toxic behavior.

The finals provided a significant shakeup from past Pro League installments, deviating from recent domination from G2 and Empire. Ubisoft now sets sights on the upcoming Six Invitational 2020, headed to Montreal on February 14 through February 16.

Ubisoft also recently unveiled Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides, debuting Kali and Wamai, alongside a reworked Theme Park.

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