MyTube Beta now includes a native GIF maker

There are plenty of tools around the web for creating GIFs from YouTube videos, but now you can do it right from the myTube app on your PC. The latest version of the myTube Beta has added a native GIF creator, letting you grab a GIF from any YouTube video on the fly.

The feature is available via a GIF button in the top right portion of the video player, right next to the option to enter theater mode. Clicking it allows you to choose where the GIF starts in the video, along with how long you want the GIF to be. From there, you can save the clip to your computer and share it to other apps either as a true GIF or as an MP4 file.

MyTube is one of the most popular third-party YouTube apps for Windows, and a major update to version 4.0 is currently in the works with new media controls, a more unified look across platforms, and more. If you want to give the new GIF maker a shot, you can grab the latest version of the myTube beta from the Microsoft Store now.

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