Mysterious bug causes Google app’s search function to not work properly

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Google app users are encountering a mysterious bug that can randomly lead to search results not loading at times. The issue appears to be present on virtually any Android smartphone, including Google’s own hardware as well as Samsung Galaxy devices.

The issue can crop up even when the phone has a stable connection to the internet. In fact, it’s unclear what causes the problem, and Google has yet to make a statement on the matter. Nevertheless, many users have complained about the Google app failing to load any search results at times, and the problem seems to affect virtually every Android smartphone with access to the Google app.

Google search results through Samsung Internet work fine

It’s important to keep in mind that this issue crops up only when using the Google app to search. It doesn’t occur when using the URL bar for searching or when using Google’s search engine through other apps.

In other words, it’s not a Google search issue per se, but it seems to be an issue with the Google app itself, which means that Samsung Internet users can use Google’s search engine without encountering this problem.

Users have also reported that working around the issue is relatively easy. Refreshing the page or closing and re-opening the Google app can address the problem, though it still is an annoyance as the issue can crop back up at any moment.

Do you use the Google app on your Galaxy phone? Have you encountered this problem at all? Let us know in the comment section.

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