My Best Buy Members With Apple Watches Purchased Before September 15 Eligible for Extra Free Month of Fitness+

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Best Buy has teamed up with Apple for several Fitness+ trial exclusives, which offer extended access to Apple Watch owners who are also Best Buy customers.


Customers who purchased an Apple Watch Series 3, Series 6, or SE from Best Buy after on or after September 15, 2020, are eligible for a total of six months of Fitness+ access for free. Best Buy is offering an additional three month trial that combines with Apple’s three month trial.

My Best Buy customers who already owned a qualifying Apple Watch before September 15, 2020 that was purchased from Best Buy can get one additional free month of Fitness+ on top of the one month trial offered by Apple for a total of two months free.

Eligible Best Buy customers are receiving an email through their Best Buy accounts that can be used to redeem the free Fitness+ trial, with more information available on Best Buy’s site.

Note that some users have been having issues getting Apple Fitness+ to recognize their free three month trial. There is no solution beyond contacting Apple Support at this time, so those affected should get in touch with Apple for help.

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