Muse releases sleep-focussed brain scanning headband

It seems like 2020 is going to be the year for sleep tech, and brain sensing headband Muse is back with the Muse S – a sleep focused device.


The first Muse headband was designed to guide you through meditation by offering feedback on when your mind was clear and you were effectively putting yourself into a positive headspace.


But now it’s targeting sleep – specifically guiding you to drifting off using a Go-to-Sleep Journeys. It’s much like the meditations on the previous app, but with the aim to get you off to sleep.

Muse itself is a fabric band, much like something you’d read your blood pressure with. It straps around the head, and will read movement, brain activity and your heart rate.

You then pop in some headphones and fire up the app. You can put your phone away, as it’s all done by audio – which is good for staying away from blue light.


When you embark on a sleep journey (yes we know how that sounds), the journey you hear is impacted by the biometrics observed by the headband. That all happens in real time, so it’s more than just listening to a flat MP3.

The Muse S costs an eye-watering $350 – and as is the trend now, the guided sleep journeys are $13 per month.

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