MSI’s new RTX-powered workstations are here

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MSI is hitting consumers with not one, not two, not three, but more than three workstations. Get ready for the WS66, WS76, WE76, WF66, and WF76. That’s a whole lot of double-yous and numbers. But what do they all mean?

Here’s the long and short of it: These machines have TPM 2.0 and are ready for Windows 11. They sport RTX graphics and Intel 11th Gen processors. They’re little workhorses ready to turn your computing goals into reality.

The WS76 has a 4K mini-LED HDR1000-certified display option if you want to go all-out, or you can roll with a 1080p touch screen display. You can get the machine in either a 15-inch or 17-inch format, and either way, you’ll still get up to an RTX A5000 laptop GPU and 11th Gen Intel Core i9 processor. The workstation comes armed with a battery at 99.9 Whr, Thunderbolt 4, an IR HD camera (720p at 30fps), and Wi-Fi 6E. You can grab the machine for just $2,699.

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The WE76 is packing similar heat to the WS76, with a few minor changes, such as having an FHD webcam. It’s also bigger and heavier than the WS76, weighing 2.9 kg compared to its sister model’s 2.1 kg. This machine will run you $2,699 as well.

And last but not least, there’s the WF series. The WF76 and WF66 drop the price tags way down to $1,599 and $1,499 respectively, though those wallet-friendly (relative to the other MSI offerings) totals come at a cost, no pun intended. You’ll be maxed out at Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA RTX A2000 or T1200 laptop GPUs, 720p cameras (no FHD for you), and similar limits.

If none of these offerings are hitting you quite the right way, feel free to check out the best Windows laptops to see just how far your dollar can take you. But if what MSI is offering you — at the top end of the line, a 4K display and RTX A5000 for a quarter of $10,000 — looks appealing, you can grab your dream machine right now.

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