MSI’s Alpha 15, Bravo 15, and Delta 15 go all-in on AMD

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Big fan of AMD? Tired of seeing “RTX” this and “Core i9” that? Well, MSI has three laptops custom-built for your wants. If you’re eager to have a laptop with all the benefits of an all-AMD design, the revamped Alpha 15 and Bravo 15 and brand new Delta 15 are your tickets to team red paradise.

With all three laptops, you’ll get AMD Ryzen 5000 H-Series mobile processors as well as Radeon graphics, up to Radeon RX 6700M. The Alpha and Delta machines also pack AMD SmartShift and AMD Smart Access Memory Technology. The Delta can go up to 1440p and packs a 240Hz refresh rate.

Mind you, remember what the tradeoff is with some AMD laptops. In short, if you unplug these laptops and try to game on the go, you may be at risk for reduced performance. But that’s a tradeoff. If it’s the kind you prefer over what Intel and NVIDIA offer in the laptop sector, by all means, proceed. After all, AMD machines still have a strong place on the list of the best gaming laptops.

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Each of the three MSI laptops offers a different unique benefit. The Alpha 15 has an RGB backlit keyboard, the Bravo 15 is (as stated by MSI) “the first gaming laptop that supports modern standby features, ensuring a quicker login and instant wake while balancing system background tasks for longer battery life,” and the Delta 15 emphasizes skinniness and portability. If you want to compare the machines’ weights and sizes, check out their specs below:

If you’re looking at these machines and thinking, “I need one now,” good news: The Bravo 15 is already out in the wild. The only issue is that it’s currently sold out. But keep checking the link and you may get the opportunity to put $899 on the table for the all-AMD MSI machine you’re craving.

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