Mozilla will collaborate with the news subscription service Scroll in yet another exploration of separating online advertising from content, the two companies said this week.

Scroll, which has yet to officially launch, contends that its business model – a flat monthly fee for reading ad-free news from a variety of publishers – can deliver more revenue to those publishers than they can now reap through traditional on-page advertising. The startup, which has been funded by media organizations such as the New York Times and several venture capital firms, has proposed a $5 per month subscription that will give readers ad-free content to anything not behind a publication-specific paywall.

(Scroll will not, for instance, give readers more accessibility to the New York Times than the paper allows people free of charge each month; the news stories, however, will not be accompanied by ads when viewed through Scroll’s apps.)

Nearly 30 media companies have partnered with Scroll to test the service, in large part to determine whether Scroll’s revenue claims are valid. The publications include The Atlantic, USA Today and BuzzFeed.

The two companies offered scant details about the planned partnership.

“We’ve moved to a more formal collaboration where we’re going to be working together to understand consumer attitudes and interest around alternative funding models and consumer-driven ad-free experiences,” Scroll wrote in a Feb. 25 post to its blog. Scroll added that it and Mozilla had been in discussions since late 2018.

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