Movies Anywhere lets you have viewing parties with Watch Together

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One of the favorite things that people do now is to have virtual viewing parties since we can’t do it in person due to the pandemic. We’re seeing video streaming services offer watch together features and also third-party apps that will let you, well, watch together. Now Movies Anywhere is the latest service to roll out a viewing party feature called Watch Together. There are a few caveats though but if you “own” the movies that you want to view, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Movies Anywhere is a platform where you can organize and stream the movies that you’ve purchased on other digital sites. There are still a few studios that cannot be streamed there like Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount so there are still some limitations as to what you can stream within the app. You sign up for free and then connect your digital retailers so you can view them in one place.

The new Watch Together feature is pretty easy to use. You just send out a six-digit code to everyone that you want to join your digital viewing party. You can have only up to ten viewers in one party. Guests will need to enter the code in the page of the movie that you’ll be watching. There is an in-app communication feature but it will only let you send simple emoji reactions as well as requests to rewind, pause, or play.

Now for the caveats. All of the participants in the Watch Together party need to own a copy of the movie that you’ll be watching. You can lend out a copy of your movie with the Screen Pass feature but you can only do so for up to three people. So reaching that maximum of ten viewers in the viewing party will not be hard unless a lot of your friends have also bought that movie.

Watch Together on Movies Anywhere is now available on both the website and the apps, something that some viewing party apps don’t offer. Movies Anywhere is of course only available in the U.S.

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