motorola shows off new razr 5G’s “minimal meets maximal” features

Motorola is doing a second take on its foldable dual-screen smartphone with the razr 5G which was just announced last month. It is an improved version of the first razr that came out a few months ago, with a more refined build and design and of course support for 5G connections. The OEM is showing off everything that’s great about the device, highlighting the “rich and immersive second-screen experience” which is probably the main draw of this smartphone, aside from the nostalgic folding factor of course.

The Quick View display of the razr 5G is one of the most important things with the device as it allows the user to do several things without having to open the device. This includes viewing notifications, making phone calls and even replying to messages. Without endlessly scrolling on your phone, you can already decide which notifications you will need to attend to or if you need to unlock your device to be able to do more things.

Another selling point of the razr 5G is the improved camera. It has a 48MP shooter with Quad Pixel technology. And when your phone is closed, it becomes “the most advanced selfie camera” through the Quick View display. There are also other useful features you can use like Instant Review which shows you a preview of your photo on the Quick Display and an External Preview to show your photo subject a preview on the display before the photo is taken.

The Quick View display can also be customized. The MyUX lets you choose fonts, colors, and icon shapes so you can personalize what you see first. You can also customize your quick settings as you swipe down and your quick view app tray as you swipe left. The app panel lets you choose which downloaded apps you can view on the screen even without opening it. Quick Display lets you do other things like play music, get directions when navigating, pay for your purchase and use Google Assistant.

The Motorola razr 5G is now available in several carriers in the U.S. like AT&T and T-Mobile. The unlocked version is also available for $1,200 at Motorola, Best Buy, and B&H Photo. You can even get $200 off if you buy it now.

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