Motorola RAZR Teardown shows off a very small hinge

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The Motorola RAZR is presently Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s closest rival. Of course, we have to compare these two because even before they were launched and released in the market, we’ve been saying they will go head-to-head mainly because they are both foldable phones in clamshell format. They can’t compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and even the old Royole FlexPai. As for the Motorola RAZR, it was introduced to the market last year–a couple of months ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. They’re both released almost around the same time.

A Motorola RAZR Teardown was already conducted by IFixit which revealed a repairability score of 1. A Durability Test was conducted by JerryRigEverything after the phone underwent a folding-unfolding test. The latter showed the foldable phone could only reach 27,000 folds.

Of course, Zack Nelson has to do his own teardown and here it is:

The video tells us the Motorola RAZR phone’s inside is not as organized. It is difficult to tear down and repair when needed. Underneath those circuit boards are plenty of connectors. Perhaps they were laid out that way to avoid being disconnected which is somehow understandable.

Motorola could have laid the components that way to keep moisture and dust away, combined with some very sticky goo. Making an impression is the hinge. It’s only a small clip that holds both haves of the foldable display. We think it’s better than what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has.

Watching the teardown video is always heartbreaking but we’ve come to a point that those cracks, scratches, and bends no longer hurt. We know the importance of seeing what’s inside because it tells us how a phone maker designs and prepares for a new product.


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