Motorola RAZR screen found to be cracking, peeling after one week

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Motorola RAZR Problem Cracked Display

The Motorola RAZR, just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, has been highly anticipated ever since it was first mentioned again. In January last year, the Motorola RAZR foldable phone was said to be in the works. A foldable phone patent was soon granted and then confirmed. Soon enough, phone specs and images surfaced online. Motorola’s first foldable phone was seen on a Bluetooth site. The company also said the phone would be out before 2019 ended. It was then introduced to the public but a delay was expected.

Fast forward to today, the Motorola has made the consumers more excited because it could rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We have high hopes for the Motorola foldable phone but we’ve been hearing not so good things about the device.

The Motorola RAZR was delayed a bit but was soon shown off by several videos on YouTube. Early impressions and hands-on were out. Not all are positive but we believe the phone has potential. It gave up after 27,000 folds but Motorola isn’t bothered. A teardown video was done and we learned the device is not that repairable.

We have yet to do a comprehensive review but right now, a number of reviews and hands-on are coming out. The last durability test revealed the phone looked tough and ready for everyday use but it has its limits. The plastic screen scratched at level 2 and can be scratched with just fingernails.

Now we’re discovering more problems that we don’t want to believe. It’s disappointing to know that the plastic OLED screen can peel apart. This is according to Inputmag‘s Raymond Wong who was referring to their group’s Motorola Razr unit.

The Motorola Razr has been with them for only a week. It was found to be peeling at the fold. Wong had to idea how it happened but he said there was no impact. The device was fully closed. He only noticed the problem after taking selfies. He said there was an air gap and then the screen was warped from hinge-to-hinge.

The damaged screen is no longer responsive, especially in the middle. You can say it is semi-broken. What could be the reason? At first, we thought the change in temperature and Wong did say the same thing.

There was a change in temperature–it was cold that day–about 28 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. And then he brought the device home where it was warm. He was still about to use it at home and then took it out the next day where it was cold.

So it could be the weather. The Motorola foldable phone wasn’t dropped on the floor or water. The $1,500 foldable phone is not worth it if it would only break after a week in changing temperatures. Motorola has not released a statement about this issue but we’re looking forward to a sound explanation.

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