Motorola RAZR gold edition revealed, early teardown video out

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The Motorola RAZR is out. We haven’t gotten our hands on one but when we do, we’ll take our sweet time with the foldable phone, use, and do a comprehensive review. There are people who already received their units and managed to give early impressions and quick reviews. The general impression though is that the phone doesn’t sound good with the clicking. The phone is also said to really fast charge but is also fast to discharge.

To be honest, we’re not bothered by reports of clicking sound yet. We’re more interested in how the foldable screen will hold up. The new-gen MOTO Razr’s design is very reminiscent of the early 2000s when the original RAZR phone was introduced.

We’ve only seen the black version but now we’ve got word and images of a gold variant. Thanks to Master Leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks) for the renders. The gold Motorola RAZR is looking nice. It’s more brown as it is nothing like the gold Moto Razr from the past.

Motorola RAZR Gold Phone 3

Verizon sells the black Motorola RAZR phone for $1,499. The delivery date is March 3 but don’t be surprised if you see others getting their Razr units early. No information on when the gold Moto RAZR will drop or if it will be more expensive or if it’s a limited edition offering.

Motorola RAZR Gold Phone

The official specs list of the Motorola RAZR foldable phone has not been presented yet but we know it boasts a 6.2-inch foldable plastic OLED screen and runs on a Snapdragon 710 processor. The phone is said to be a close rival of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip because they both have the same clamshell design.

Meanwhile, someone already managed to tear open the Motorola RAZR. Watch the video below:

We remember PBKreviews from last year. It pried open a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone and revealed a mystery connector. This time, the Motorola RAZR is subject to disassembly. It’s been revealed that it’s not easily repairable.

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