Motorola RAZR Gold Blush model official, coming later in spring

Motorola RAZR

The new Motorola RAZR has been out from Verizon since last week. Some people who pre-ordered for the foldable phone already received theirs. We’ve seen first impressions and hands-on videos plus a teardown and a durability test. In the coming weeks, we can expect more comprehensive reviews and recommendations. The smartphone was found to give up after some 27,000 folds/unfolds but Motorola is not worried about it. What matters is that the device works as a real foldable-clamshell phone without easily breaking under normal circumstances.

To be honest, we can forgive the clicking sound of the new-gen Razr. We like the fact that you can fold a normal-sized phone into a smaller form and put it inside your pocket. We love the design that is very reminiscent of the old RAZR phone.

Remember the gold Razr phone from over a decade ago? Motorola is releasing a gold edition of the new Razr as shown last week but it looked more brown. Officially, it is called “Blush Gold”. Nothing has changed on the specs, features, and design–just the color.

No information on exact market release but the Blush Gold model is said to be out in Spring with a $1,499 price tag. We can’t say if the price is too much. It will really depend on the consumer if you’re willing to let go of the clicking sound. You may also take the risk of the phone dying after 27,000 folds. Those early hands-on and impressions are there to warn us but we want to try the Motorola foldable phone on our own.

One thing we’re learning from the Motorola RAZR–it’s okay to delay the release as long as there is an official and valid reason. At least the issues we’re hearing now are something bearable, unlike the first time Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Fold where the company had to make a recall.

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