Motorola RAZR foldable phone gets a huge price cut

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Motorola RAZR

Is is it time to buy a foldable phone? Ultimately, the decision will be up to you and well, your budget. Not that foldable phones don’t have a value. The technology of foldable displays is not perfect yet so others may say they are not worth it yet. For others, even an imperfect phone will do the job of letting you communicate with other people. As for the new Razr, this foldable phone from Motorola has that retro charm factor that will make old Motorola fans buy just for the novelty of it.

We’ve started anticipating for the Motorola Razr 2. We said it will have a bigger screen like the Galaxy Z Flip. Some specs and features surfaced online after the first model received an Android 10 OS update. Nothing is confirmed yet as we feel Motorola needs to do more aggressive promo and marketing.

The foldable RAZR definitely has potential but it’s not really selling. We don’t have the numbers right now but it must be the price. We’re not sure if its the cracking and peeling issue. If you may remember last month, Motorola offered a Buy One, Get One promo. A Motorola RAZR foldable phone in Blush Gold was also introduced by Verizon.

Motorola is making a big move by slashing off the price from $1,499.99 to $999.99. It’s still not that affordable but the $500 discount from the pricing is big. It’s about a third of the original price. Buying a thousand-dollar smartphone is only for the few.

We’d like to know how soon the newly-priced Motorola RAZR will sell. Will it sell for that price? Verizon has been tasked to sell the RAZR from Motorola.

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