Motorola presents new tech, innovations at Lenovo Tech World

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Motorola Lenovo Tech World 2020

If you still don’t know that Motorola is already owned by a different company, it is now part of Lenovo. The latter may not be popular for its phones but it has Motorola’s business. The brand isn’t giving up just yet even if we don’t know how sales are going. We believe there is still a market for Motorola phones as they offer good performance for such affordable prices. We’re expecting more from both Motorola and Lenovo especially after Lenovo’s 2020 Tech World.

Motorola has something more to offer. It is serious with innovation as it continues to work to redefine boundaries and develop mobile solutions for the ordinary consumers. The latest major tech from the company is the new-gen Motorola Razr.

In this time of the pandemic, Motorola also wants to deliver solutions and technologies that improve connectivity. It must be fast and transformative as people use them everyday. It’s important these days especially when we’re at home most of the time whether for work or learning.

In the coming weeks and months, expect related announcements. There are plenty of new things from Motorola. The brand gave the audience a sneak peek into a new platform for the phone that will offer next-level multitasking, a new modular dock for flexible mounting, and a solution for better video conferencing.

The platform is said to take advantage of your phone’s imaging hardware, AI technology, and connectivity to deliver high-quality video calls or audio all the time. Mobile gaming experience is made better with Gametime as you can soon play games on a bigger screen with a Bluetooth controller. Motorola devices may also soon be used for augmented reality with the help of Lenovo ThinkReality.

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