Motorola offers free next day shipping for orders in the U.S.

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During this pandemic, it’s already understood that what you order online will not immediately arrive due to various health and logistical concerns. At the same time, companies and brands are also trying their best to offer fast delivery services to their customers as an advantage over their competitors. Motorola is one such brand as they are now offering not just next day shipping but also free shipping for orders that are $99 and above if placed through their online store

Smartphone makers have been struggling these past few months but they are hoping to bounce back during the last few months of the year as they release new devices and as customers may be looking for new devices for work and school purposes. Motorola is expected to announce a new RAZR 5G smartphone in the next few days and so they’re probably hoping that people will eager to buy a new foldable phone with 5G connection.

So if you’re excited to get your new device, you don’t have to wait days or weeks if you’re buying a Motorola phone through their website and you’re living in the U.S. They’re promising next day shipping and free shipping if your order is worth $99 and above. And if you’re getting a smartphone, then you’re probably qualified for that as well. In their official announcement, they mentioned devices like the original RAZR, motorola edge+, and moto g stylus.

There are of course some exceptions like if it’s shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or other remote locations. You will get an estimated delivery date when you check out a device and your address is one of those aforementioned places. The press release also mentions that this is not available for scheduled delivery.

Meanwhile, the rumored RAZR 5G device is expected to be announced this September 5. They teased that it will “flip the smartphone experience once again” so let’s see if this is something people will be willing to get and have it shipped the next day.

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