Motorola offers Buy One, Get One offer for Razr

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While there were a lot of people interested in getting a Motorola Razr either for nostalgia’s sake or they really wanted a device with a foldable display, the steep price tag of the device probably stopped them. Now, for a limited time only, Motorola is offering a Buy One, Get One promo for the smartphone so you will only have to pay $750 each for a pair of Razrs. However, if your carrier is not Verizon, you might have some problems activating its SIM, or rather, it’s eSIM.

If you didn’t want to pay $1,499.99 for just one smartphone, then this new BOGO offer will probably appeal to you, if you really wanted the Razr and if you find someone else to split the SRP with you. You can even mix and match between the two colors available – Noir Black (the original) and the new Blush Gold. But while this seems like a pretty good deal if you’ve been longing for a flip device, there are still some things you need to consider.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re not on Verizon, you may not be able to use this phone with another carrier. That’s because the Razr doesn’t have any physical SIM slot as it only uses an eSIM. For now, the only one that can activate that in the U.S. is Verizon, their official carrier partner. So you’ll have to get another account with them if you’re on another carrier or you’ll just use the WiFi connection for the device.

Another thing to consider is that despite its price tag, the Razr’s specs aren’t that of a high-end device but rather a mid-range phone. It runs on Snapdragon 710 and has only one main camera with a 16MP sensor. Plus the battery is just 2510 mAh. If you compare it to the specs of the Galaxy Z Flip, which has the same price range, it’s not even worth comparing. So what you’re supposedly paying for is the folding display which is also not that great yet given that it’s just a first-generation device (the original Razr doesn’t count).

But if you’re bent on getting a device that flips its display, then you should get the BOGO offer now while supplies last. They are probably trying to clear their stocks as well for the rumored Razr 2020. Let’s just hope the upcoming next gen foldable display will have better hardware as well as an improved folding mechanism.

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