Motorola Edge 2021 Teardown: Watch the video here

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Motorola Edge 2021 Teardown Video

The Motorola Edge 2021 was officially announced about a couple of weeks ago. It’s an almost premium mid-range smartphone for North America. It’s not out in market and you can buy one from, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H. The phone comes with high-end specs including a large display with 144Hz refresh rate and a 108 megapixel with Ultra Pixel technology. PBKReviews got a hold of the smartphone and managed to open it to see what’s inside and how repairable it is.

Repairability score is 5.5 out of 10 so it’s not that easily repairable. The inside is a bit complicated you need to be careful if you plan on opening it for repair.

Apply some heat to the back if you want to open the phone. A heat gun or hair dryer will do. This will then loosen up the adhesives all overs. A pry tool may still be needed as per our source.

There are plenty of phillips screws and you need to take them out if you want to lift the plastic cover. Be careful when removing the antenna and graphite film near the battery. The graphite film helps in transferring the heat.

If you wish to replace the battery, it may be challenging because there are no pull tabs. Replacing the screen is also difficult so you might as well bring the phone to a shop or a repair guy.

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