Moto Razr 5G can survive 100 flips a day for 5 years, its tech is covered by 100+ patents

Motorola revamped the reborn Razr phone – it upgraded the chipset and camera, it also designed the patented “zero-gap” hinge. That hinge allows the screen to close so tightly that you can’t even slide a piece of paper through it.

For increased durability, the hinge is made out of stainless steel (while the frame is 7000 series aluminum). Motorola’s mechanized tests show that the hinge can go through 200,000 flips – that’s over five years of use even if you flip open your phone 100 times a day.

That’s not the only patented system on the Moto Razr 5G – Motorola filed over 100 patents for it. These cover things like the software that allows you to quickly interact with apps on the 2.7” external display and seamlessly switch to the internal 6.2” display.

The wireless hardware was challenging to design as four antennas were needed for the 5G connectivity, one of the major upgrades over the 2019 model. All of this fits inside 85 cm², that’s the same volume as a deck of playing cards – the Razr prioritizes compactness.

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