Moto G 5G Plus gets Moto Power Touch and Multi-Volume apps

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Right from the time of Moto G first gen, Motorola has been offering a balanced combination of hardware and vanilla Android experience. Combined with their own tweaks which are useful in daily running and clutter-free interface, they add true value to a smartphone. Their new Android 10-powered Moto G 5G Plus is the brand’s cheapest 5G-enabled phone which boasts 5,000 mAh battery, quad-camera setup and the Snapdragon 765 processor.

Launched in July, now the phone gets two apps which take customization to the next level for user’s delight. Adding to the goodness offered by already existing first party apps (offered by Motorola), these two new apps offer customization experience depending on the user’s usage pattern. The apps in question – Moto Power Touch and Multi-Volume.

Moto Power Touch

This one lets the user to assign any app, quick actions or shortcuts with the double tap of the power button. Earlier, this gesture was used to open the camera app only. Now, on the Moto G 5G Plus, you can open the most frequently used app or quick actions to pop-up in a floating window with the double tap, courtesy Moto Power Touch.

Multi-volume app

This is another useful feature that will come handy for Moto G 5G Plus users. Now you can control the individual volume of apps with the Multi-Volume apps activated. For instance, one can mute the volume of a game while keeping the volume of your music player at full blast for a better multimedia consumption experience. This gives more control to the users who use a lot of multimedia or gaming apps on their phone.

If you are thinking of side-loading the apps on Moto phones other than the one mentioned – you’ll have no luck. The apps work only on this device for now. That said we are hoping that they land on other devices as well and maybe other manufacturers will have their version of these apps for their users as well.

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