Moto App brings more accessibility, diversity in update

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Motorola devices may not be the most popular right now but their smartphones do have a lot of interesting features. If you’ve just gotten a new one or you want to improve your experience on your current phone, there is a platform called Moto App where you can search for all the features that your device might have and you haven’t discovered yet. The latest update to the app puts emphasis on accessibility tools as well as diversity when it comes to the featured animated cartoons.

First off, what you’ll notice is an improvement in the app’s display. They used the Google Accessibility Scanner app as their guide towards redesigning some elements of the app. They have increased text sizes, changed colors and contrast, changed labels to become more precise and concise and over-all just simplified everything so that everyone gets an improved “overall Motorola smartphone experience”.

When it comes to actual accessibility tools, Motorola decided to build on the existing Android tools. They’ve added a Moto Tip that is focused on Android Accessibility and how users will be able to fund and use specific tools that they may need. Android devices already have built-in accessibility settings like changing font & display size, color or motion adjustments, as well as screen readers. The Moto Tip will lead people looking for those things on their Motorola devices.

Diversity and representation are important, even in the smaller things. The Moto App has animated cartoons to help users see better how the tools are used on Motorola devices. They have now updated the stylings, features, and expressions of these characters on the app “in the interest of making sure everyone feels represented”. The fact that they are being very intentional in things like body features and even attitude of the characters is pretty commendable.

You can update the Moto App to the latest version to see all these new things. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store but they will be preloaded on all the upcoming Motorola devices as well.

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