Moto 360 smartwatch is back with some improvements

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Motorola is bringing back the Moto 360. It’s been a while since the company released anything about the Moto watch but today, we’re learning it’s getting a new lease in life. It’s not really dead but the company is releasing the smartwatch again. There’s only one thing different: Motorola isn’t making the wearable device. It simply licensed the Moto 360 to eBuyNow who will be making the smartwatch from now on. We didn’t see this one coming but we’re glad to see an updated Moto 360.

The Moto 360 comes equipped with 1GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, 8GB onboard storage, 1.2-inch always-on circular display, and 360 x 360 OLED touchscreen. We notice an important change: there is no flat tire at the bottom.

The design is basically the same as the older Moto 360 but improvements on the hardware specs can be expected. There are the NFC and GPS now. For fitness tracking, there’s the heart rate monitor. The phone is now 3ATM rated for water resistance.

You will see physical buttons on the side that works as a wheel to scroll through Wear OS. Choose from these three color options: silver, gold, and black stainless level. The 355mAh battery can be charged fast–full battery in one hour. If you wish to extend battery life, you can use it for the low-power mode.

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