Most of our readers will push unsupported PCs onto Windows 11

Windows 11 Hero SurfacesSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s statements regarding unsupported hardware and Windows 11 have been about as clear as the operating system’s blur effects. Just since the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft shared an official minimum requirements list, released, pulled, and re-released a PC Health Check app, changed some of the minimum requirements of the OS, and announced that PCs that don’t meet the minimum requirements will be able to manually update to Windows 11. Based on the last bit of news in that list, we wanted to know if our readers will run Windows 11 on their PCs even if their hardware isn’t officially supported.

Our poll that ran over the weekend and into the start of this week was only complicated by Microsoft stating that unsupported PCs aren’t guaranteed to receive updates. Specifically, security and driver updates might not become available for unsupported PCs that are pushed to Windows 11. This news appears to affect the views of our readers quite a bit. Several people expressed that future updates are a major factor when it comes to upgrading a PC to Windows 11.

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“Scovious2” said in our comments section, “I have 5 unsupported computers that I would upgrade to Windows 11, but only if Windows Update is going to serve me updates.”

“ISO_117” echoed expressed similar feelings in the comments, “Not anymore now [that] Microsoft said there’s a big chance unsupported devices don’t get further updates if you manually upgrade to Windows 11. So [what’s] the point in upgrading and then be left unsupported and unsafe.”

Despite concerns regarding future updates, most polled participants said that they’d upgrade PCs to Windows 11 even if their hardware doesn’t meet the operating system’s minimum requirements. At the time of publication, 64.53% said they would upgrade, while 35.47 said they would not. Some of these votes occurred before the news regarding future updates for unsupported PCs, so we’ll leave the poll open to see if things trend another way.

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