More Samsung Display foldable products to be shown off at SID 2020

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Samsung Flexible OLED

Samsung isn’t only focusing on the mobile business. It has joined the display and panel game successfully, supplying components to other OEMs even rivals. The Samsung Display has a number of products lined up but its portfolio is about to become more interesting with a foldable display. Samsung already uses one for the Galaxy Z phones but we know they can still be improved in many ways. A new one is being developed, known this early as the S-Foldable, and it can be extended sideways.

The S-Foldable can also be used for a foldable laptop someday or maybe even a tri-fold Galaxy Z Fold smartphone. The Samsung Display team has a number of innovate OLED products being developed and will be manufactured soon.

Samsung Display will present a number of things at the SID 2021. We can expect the S-foldable, a slidable screen, and the Under Panel Camera (UPC). The SID is the largest display exhibition in the world today so we’re excited to know what the South Korean tech giant has in store for the mobile market.

Samsung’s theme for this year is ‘Better life thru Samsung OLED’. New OLED products will be revealed by Samsung Display executives like President Joo-sun Choi. The next-generation OLED technology is expected to help Samsung usher the users into the future.

The S-foldable is described to be multi-foldable–twice for now both inside and outside. When opened, it can reach up 7.2-inches. There is also a 17-inch foldable display that can work as a tablet or a monitor. It offers a 4:3 aspect ratio and can be used as a PC monitor or a secondary display for your mobile device.

The slidable display is able to extend sideways. In the future, it may allow better multitasking and a larger preview for apps and content. As for the Under Panel Camera, we’ve been waiting for this and we’re hoping it will be implemented soon on upcoming flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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