More Galaxy S23 details emerge, and they bring some good news

Renders of Samsung’s next flagship series, the Galaxy S23, were recently leaked, showing us the design for all three models. That wasn’t the first Galaxy S23 leak, though, and it certainly won’t be the last.

We’ve heard rumors about some of the changes Samsung could be bringing to the table with the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, including upgrades to the battery capacities of the non-Ultra models, and our friends over at GalaxyClub have now revealed some precise information about the same in their latest report.

At least one Galaxy S23 model could get bigger battery than its predecessor

According to GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S23+ will come with a 4,700 mAh battery, 100 mAh larger than the one inside the Galaxy S22+. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, meanwhile, will get a 5,000 mAh battery like previous Galaxy S Ultra smartphones. Unfortunately, the battery capacity of the base Galaxy S23 model is still a mystery, although we can assume that the base model will get a similar bump in battery size as the Galaxy S23+.

GalaxyClub also says that Samsung will be sticking to a 12MP ultra-wide camera for the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+, and again, if we were to make an educated guess, the same is likely to be true for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Not that we are surprised – Samsung will likely be putting all its focus on that massive 200MP camera that is expected to be mounted at the back of the S23 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 series is expected to be unveiled in early 2023. According to a recent rumor, Samsung could move the unveiling up by three weeks compared to the Galaxy S22 lineup, although the exact announcement date will probably not be revealed by the company for at least another month or two.

We will also have to wait and see how Samsung is going to price the Galaxy S23 smartphones. Samsung’s 2022 foldable flagships cost the same as their predecessors in major markets, but given the current economic circumstances, it might not be easy for the company to keep the price tags unchanged for its next flagship offerings.

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