More free warranty extensions from Samsung on the horizon

Yet another wave of free warranty extensions from Samsung appears to be close by as the coronavirus crisis maintains a firm grasp on global affairs. Most Samsung offices across the world already extended select product warranties at least once in order to account for the time their repair centers will be shut down as part of measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. In nearly all of those cases, the final coverage dates were pushed to early or mid-June. That barrier has now been broken in Central Europe.More specifically, Samsung Croatia today announced a new wave of unconditional warranty extensions on all of the company’s products – its second such move since April.Samsung’s aggressive approach to coronavirus relief efforts continuesThe complimentary extension covers all products that were previously on course to being out of warranty in a three-month period ending June 15th. Samsung Croatia pushed that date back by another month, i.e. July 15th. While all of Samsung’s consumer-facing branches operate with some degree of autonomy, they do so within relatively precise boundaries of the company’s overarching strategy. In other words, it’s extremely unlikely that any single Samsung office would break with established warranty policy; such a decision tends to imply the beginning of much larger trends within the conglomerate.Coincidentally, Samsung Croatia was among the earliest of the company’s national subsidiaries to embrace doorstep repair services in these trying times. Looking at the broader picture, another wave of product warranty extensions from Samsung is hardly a surprise given how the technology juggernaut already contributed so much more to global relief efforts. From multi-million donations and educational wearable apps to supply chain managementmassive factory shutdowns, and even vaccine R&D, Samsung continues to pull its weight as humanity’s fight against COVID-19 continues.

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