mophie, InvisibleShield bring device UV sanitizing devices

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Washing our hands regularly and thoroughly has finally become a habit for a lot of people (and if it’s not yet, please make it so) as it’s one of the best ways to protect ourselves from the coronavirus and other viruses. But one thing that is still not a regular habit is to clean our mobile devices. Since we’re holding it almost all the time, different kinds of bacteria attach themselves to it. mophie and InvisibleShield, both owned by ZAGG, announce new UV sanitizing devices, the mophie UV sanitizer, and the InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer.

The mophie UV Sanitizer will be able to sanitize your smartphone and other smaller devices without having to wash them or use harsh chemicals. Anything that will fit into the 6.9-inch device can be cleaned, including earbuds, credit cards, remote controls, even wallets. It is also a 10W Qi-enabled wireless charger so while you’re sanitizing your stuff inside, you can charge your smartphone by placing it on top of the device.

The InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer looks like it’s meant for smartphones only, as long as it fits the 6.9-inch case. It uses multiple UV0-C bulbs and takes about five minutes to sanitize the device, supposedly killing 99.9% of the most common surface bacteria (same with the mophie UV Sanitizer). It also includes a USB-A to USB-C cable so you can sanitize while on the go using a power bank or your laptop.

Both sanitizing devices are pretty simple to use. Place the phone or item inside, press a button, and it should start sanitizing your device with a noiseless cleaning cycle. They have progress indicators to show how much time is left and if it’s interrupted before it’s done, the UV-C lights turn off automatically. They can help us regularly clean our much-used devices without the hassle of using cleaning products that might harm or damage our precious phones and other things.

The mophie UV Sanitizer is available now at, Verizon and other online retailers for $79.99. The InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer meanwhile is priced at $59.99 and is available at and other major retailers in the coming weeks.

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