Monoprice’s Cadet compact and beginner-friendly 3D printer is down to $200

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The Monoprice website has the MP Cadet 3D Printer on sale for $199.99. That’s a 20% discount compared to its regular $250 street price, and the deal comes with free shipping in the U.S. You’ll still find the Cadet going for $250 at other retailers including Amazon and Target. The Cadet is a relatively new 3D Printer that only came out earlier this year, and we have never seen a deal on it before. This is a great way to save if you’re interested in learning a new hobby.

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Monoprice Cadet 3D printer

Use the mobile app and Wi-Fi to start your prints easily. Has full auto leveling so you don’t need to do manual adjustments. Comes fully assembled with step-by-step installation guide. Compact enough for a desktop or even dorm room.

$199.99 $250.00 $50 off

The Cadet is designed specifically to be as compact and inexpensive as possible. That makes it great for hobbyists and people who are interested in learning about 3D printing without breaking the bank. It’s also really good for schools because you can fit it just about anywhere. The compact design means it can go on your desktop or even in a dorm room. If 3D printing has always been an interest for you, but you’ve never been sure about where you’d keep it – the Cadet is the printer for you.

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It’s so small, in fact, that it comes fully assembled. You can go from getting your 3D printer to setting it up in just a few minutes. It comes with a step-by-step installation guide, and there’s a QR code on the printer itself that will take you to the Cadet’s manual. That way you’ll never lose it.

You can print models over Wi-Fi and get printing in less than 30 seconds. Use the 3D printer’s mobile app for even easier ways to print.

The Cadet has full auto leveling, which means you won’t need to make manual adjustments. That saves you a lot of time and enhances the print’s quality. As you get more experienced with 3D printing you might start tinkering with it a little more. You’ll want to get every print just right. But until that point, you can rely on the Cadet’s ability to do it for you.

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