Monitor your nursery with the Arlo baby monitor on sale for $100

The Arlo Baby all-in-one baby monitor is down to $99.99 at Costco. The street price for the baby monitor is closer to around $120, and you can find it selling for as much as $200 in some places, including the Arlo website. Despite its popularity, this camera has been discontinued at this point. So while we have seen it go lower than this in the past, it has been more than a year. And we probably won’t see it go this low anymore as stock runs out.

You do need to be a Costco member to see this deal. The sale includes free shipping.

Baby go to sleep

Arlo Baby all-in-one baby monitor and stand

Costco members only. Records in 1080p video. Keep an eye on air, temperature, and humidity with built-in sensors. Has 2-way audio, multi-colored night light and music player with bedtime melodies, and audio alerts. Remotely manage through Arlo app.

$99.99 $120.00 $20 off

Point the camera at your baby’s crib or use it to keep an eye on the nursery as a whole for your toddler that’s running around slamming into things. Either way, the camera keeps an eye on more than just your tiny human. It also has sensors to monitor the air, the temperature, and even the humidity. Create settings for all of these things where the camera can send you sound alerts and notifications when it has gotten too cold or isn’t humid enough based on what you pick.

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The camera records in 1080p video quality and lets you view live or recorded scenes. You can use the Arlo app to do this from anywhere in the world, which is especially important right now if you’re away from home and want to see your loved one. The camera has two-way audio so you can hear what’s happening and talk through the camera’s speaker. There’s also advanced night vision to keep an eye on your baby even at night.

Other features include a smart multi-colored night light and a music player that plays melodies and lullabies for your baby.

The Arlo monitor works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, along with other smart home protocols like IFTTT.

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