Mobvoi releases TicPods 2 Pro+ with better case, independent earbud connections

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Normally, when you just have a slight upgrade to your previous device, you might just want to release a software or hardware update. But there are also times when you would want to release an actual new version of said device with slightly different features. Mobvoi decided to opt for the latter as they have now released TicPods 2 Pro+, with a few improvements to the previous TicPods 2 Pro. This includes a better case, independent earbud connections, and better voice controls.

The upgrades to this new version of the truly wireless earbuds are pretty minor but they’re also pretty good. The case now looks more “premium” than the previous one, if that’s something that’s important to you when choosing a new audio device. The basic features of the TicPods 2 Pro are still here like head gesture and touch controls, dual-mic noise cancellation, aptX audio, 20-hour battery life, and Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Quick Commands was one of the highlights of the earlier device and you didn’t even need to say the wake-up word “Hey Tico” when you want to pause music or listen to the next song. But with the TicPods 2 Pro+, they’re adding volume adjustment to the mix. So you just need to say volume up or volume down even without the wake word. It makes things a lot more convenient. But you still have to say “Hey Tico” when activating the smart assistant of course.

The other really important upgrade that you get is independent connections for each of your earbuds. This is possible through the latest Qualcomm ADK to allow you to have better connection, battery balance, and controls. Basically you will get to use each earbud independently but you still get seamless switching between that mode and using them as a pair. Plus, you get 4 times the performance over the previous chipset.

You can now get the TicPods 2 Pro+ through Mobvoi or through Amazon. It’s available in Navy and Ice colors and will cost you $139.99.

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