Mobius Final Fantasy end of service imminent

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It’s happening. It’s the end of an era for mobile gamers of the very popular franchise Final Fantasy. For many years, we’ve been happily sharing with you the good news every time a new version will be released for mobile. We remember first seeing it on Square Enix’s list of popular games on sales. That was back in December 2014. One version was soon game-streamed in Japan to mobile devices. More versions of the game were released each year. The last related feature we have was the Mobius Final Fantasy Summon Festival 2018 in-game event.

We’ve been wondering why there is no recent update but now we know. Square Enix has actually ended the MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY service for the Japanese version. The global version is still playable but it will only be until June 30, 2020, 6:00 pm PDT (UTC-7). That is when the Warrior of Despair story will also conclude.

The Mobius Final Fantasy Operations Team isn’t leaving the players in the dark as it shared the schedule for termination of service. On January 15 at 7PM PST (UTC-8), the end-of-service notification has been sent.

On March 31 at 8:00 PM PDT (UTC-7), “Magicite” sales in the global version of the game will be discontinued. Previously purchased Magicite can still be used until the end of the game service. On June 30 at 6PM PDT (UTC-7), it will be the end of everything.

There is no official reason provided but we’re guessing the company can no longer provide customer support for the game. The team behind the adventure game is thankful for all the support throughout the years since August 3, 2016.

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