Mobile by Peak Design lets you mount your smartphone anywhere you need it

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You probably use your smartphone almost anywhere and while doing everything. There are a lot of stands and cases out there that can help you keep your device upright and usable but not all of them are portable and stable. Mobile by Peak Design is a whole ecosystem made up of mounts, cases, accessories, and chargers that can be used to integrate your smartphone with whatever activity you’re doing and wherever you’re placing your phone during said activity. They’re now doing a Kickstarter for this although the products have already been designed and have been produced with high quality.

The main aspect of this product design is something they call SlimLink, a combination of a magnetic and physical mounting receiver that can be used for all kinds of smartphones and materials that we attach our phones to. It has a soft-lock using a magnetic array that is embedded in the cases and mounts (and compatible with Apple’s Magsafe magnetic phone accessory). But for those that are in a more unstable or demanding situation, there’s also the hard lock mechanism through a zirconia ceramic insert that can be compatible with mechanical claws.

If you want to use all of the mounts and accessories that they will be making available, you need the Peak Design Everyday Case or the Universal Adaptor. The case is made from weather-proof nylon canvas but has full-surround drop protection while the Universal Adapter is an adhesive-backed accessory that can be used for any phone or case. It is also nylon canvas but comes with super-strong 3M VHB adhesive.

Other devices that you can get include a mobile tripod with a fully arculating ball head, a kickstand wallet that turns your wallet into a phone stand you can use, a car mode made from adonized aluminum, an out-front bike mount, a universal bike mount, a wall mount that can attach to any flat magnetic surface, a wireless charging stand, a motorcycle bar mount and stem mount, and a mobile creator kit that connects your phone to other connection systems like GoPro mounts and Arca tripod heads.

Mobile by Peak Design are accepting pre-orders through Kickstarter although it’s technically not a crowdfunding project. You can start at $1 for a pick your kit option and go up to $332 to include all of the mounts and accessories available. Estimated delivery for orders is around May 2021.

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