Mixer rolls out ability to trim clips

Today, Mixer announced major improvements to Mixer Clips. The changes make it easier to control who can clip on Mixer Partner channels and how you share your best moments. Starting right now, partners will be able to expand clip creation access to all viewers or gate the ability to clip behind a specific channel progression rank. For example, you can allow only those who are above Rank 30 to clip their streams. This means that it’s a perk for regular viewers.

Trimming clips is also a highly-requested feature and it’s available now. You can create a clip in your browser, and then you can trim and preview it before publishing. This allows you to take out the seconds that may not be as exciting or where you decided to take that dinner break.

It’s great to see that Mixer is listening to the community because these are great changes. While the decision to lock the creation of clips to Rank 30 or above viewers may be somewhat controversial, the ability to trim is a welcome addition. What do you think about the new Mixer features? Let us know.

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