Minecraft: Education Edition announces Global Build Championship

Minecraft Live will be chock full of news about the entirety of the Minecraft universe, including Minecraft Dungeons, but an area that has been increasingly important for Mojang Studios is Minecraft’s place in education. Minecraft: Education Edition has proven itself to be a powerful asset for educators all around the world, with thousands of lessons in a number of subjects and a combination of tools and functions that encourage collaboration, creative thinking, and more.

With more students than ever learning remotely, Minecraft: Education Edition is even more important, and students and parents seem to agree, as the free Education Collection content in the Minecraft Marketplace has since accumulated over 63 million downloads, a truly impressive figure. Minecraft: Education Edition continues to add new lessons from educators, and learners continue to accomplish incredible things inside the educational tool disguised as a video game, but Mojang Studios took some time at Minecraft Live to announce some new things for Minecraft: Education Edition.

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First, Minecraft: Education Edition will be home to the Global Build Championship, a new endeavor in which educators can register their students or learners in teams of one to three, and will be Minecraft: Education Edition’s first international design competition. In it, teams will work together to intelligently and thoughtfully design spaces that support a healthy simultaneous existence for humans and animals together, in a variety of environments. If you’re an educator that’s interested in this for your students or learners, you can register your teams on the Minecraft: Education Edition website. Submissions for the Championship will be due November 6, 2020, and the winners will be announced December 4, 2020.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion, but teams will also have a chance to win Minecraft-related prizes for successfully collaborating and completing their objective.

Minecraft: Education Edition is also launching a new lesson category known as “Equity and Inclusion,” debuting with the “Good Trouble: Social Justice Movements Around the World” lesson plan, created in partnership with Felisa Ford, Ken Shelton, and Natasha Rachell, educators from the Atlanta Public School District and Los Angeles. The map “Good Trouble” aims to take learners and students on a journey through history, as they explore social justice movements all across the world and time, learning about historical civil rights movements and the leaders that headed them. The teachings are based on the wise words of activist and US Congressman, the late John Lewis.

The “Good Trouble” world is coming soon, and more lessons using the world will be released later this year.

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