Minecraft Earth’s latest update adds new content and more microtransactions

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Right on the heels of the R22 update, which added a new mob variant and Adventures, Mojang Studios is back at it again with a fresh update for Minecraft Earth, which will add new content to Minecraft‘s mobile AR cousin. There’s also something that may not make the remaining fans of Minecraft Earth particularly happy.

The update will add the bronzed chicken mob variant for hardcore collectors to discover and capture, while regular veterans will enjoy newly added Adventures that can be summoned using Adventure Crystals. The upcoming Season 7: Farm to Table will add more challenges and rewards for players. Besides that, there will also be the expected handful of bug fixes and improvements to make the game more stable and consistent.

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There is one other thing being added in this release, however, and it’s the same kind of thing that gave us a sour taste in our mouth almost a year ago. Minecraft Earth is adding ways for players to unlock additional furnaces and crafting tables to make progression even faster and less grind-y, which by itself is great. However, the unlocks require rubies, which are the game’s premium currency. Players can find this currency in the world and through Adventures, but the primary way is by purchasing them.

For the crafting tables, one upgrade will cost 380 rubies (roughly a $20 purchase), while a third slot will cost 630 rubies (roughly a $30 purchase). For the furnaces, one upgrade will cost 260 rubies (roughly a $12 purchase), and a third slot will cost 480 rubies (roughly a $22 purchase). These costs are quite high, even by mobile gaming standards, so beware of these microtransactions if you’re interested in upgrading your crafting and smelting set up in Minecraft Earth.

You can check out the full changelog for a scattering of additional details, but otherwise this update should be rolling out now. How do you feel about the changes in this release? Are you upset by the additional microtransactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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