Minecraft Earth expands to Australia, Sweden, and Mexico today

Mojang has expanded availability of Minecraft Earth, continuing the staggered early access rollout of its latest mobile title. The augmented reality (AR) spinoff brings Microsoft’s bestselling blockbuster to the real world, paired with location data to rival the ambitions of Pokemon GO. And wrapping up its closed beta testing, Minecraft Earth is steadily making its public debut.

Minecraft Earth early access kicked off in October with its first two regions: New Zealand and Iceland. This in-progress client packs the gameplay essentials, from collecting resources, embarking on quest-style “Adventures,” and building your virtual creations. With full global availability set for the end of 2019, Mojang has now added three countries to the early access pool.

Minecraft Earth is now available in Australia, Sweden, and Mexico, both via the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. While your mobile will need to meet strict hardware requirements to support AR gameplay, a majority of phones released in recent years are fitting hosts.

Speaking with Windows Central, Minecraft Earth Executive Producer Jesse Merriam confirmed Mojang doesn’t plan to drop a launch roadmap, approaching new countries as desired instead. “We’re going to roll out somewhere and pick a country. We’ll probably start with some small countries, look at the results, and whichever thing goes wobbly, we’ll probably pick another country similar.” If you’re waiting for Minecraft Earth to hit your home, keep a lookout over the weeks ahead.

For those among current Minecraft Earth regions, the app is now available for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Minecraft Earth

Minecraft becomes a reality with AR.

Minecraft Earth takes virtual building, exploration, and discoveries to the next level. Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality flavor of the hit blockbuster brings Minecraft into the real world, rivaling successes of Pokemon GO.

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