Minecraft Earth Early Access now ready in the United States

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The Minecraft Earth AR game is coming real soon. If you live in the United States and have signed up for the new adventure experience, you will be happy to know it won’t be long before you get to enjoy the game. The closed beta arrived and made available and we learned the game would be out in selected countries soon. Minecraft Earth Early Access expanded to more countries recently. The US is now part of it as an invitation has been sent out to those who pre-registered.

Start “minecrafting” your world in augmented reality. If you can create, explore, and survive in the regular Minecraft game, you may need extra help in this Minecraft Earth. Check first if you can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Minecraft creations are life-sized. This all-new augmented reality game is perfect to play on your smartphone because it brings you closer to AR. You can step into your creation and see how it feels to be in the Minecraft world.

Your creativity will be challenged by Minecraft Earth but you are allowed to do anything. Expressing yourself won’t be a problem. In fact, it is allowed on a different level as you can come up with masterpieces and be able to share them with others.

As with the original game, you can see the mobs and be able to collect, breed unique variants, and take advantage of them to populate builds. Feel free to work with other builds and crafters to come up with new and bigger creations. Plan mini-adventures with friends and rest assured you will have a blast.

The whole neighborhood can turn into an augmented realm with Minecraft Earth Early Access. Be prepared for a different kind of AR adventure as you collect more resources and face challenges. Be imaginative with other Minecrafters and you will also be surprised at the experience.

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